Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wild Party On Empire Avenue!

The day isn't over yet, but I've had around 800 shares change hands so far.  That is a lot,  considering that usually there are no trades in (e)ZULU, because there is no automatic allocation of new shares.

Two more people quit today (or one big one!)  I had an extra 37,000 all of  a sudden this evening.  After checking, I found it was a refund.

It's getting wild around here, with all the refunds, dividend drops, share price crashes and all!

I would like to have an easier way to determine who quit.  When I go to endorse a blog and find the stock is gone, I realize someone has quit.

Recently it has been: 
(e)CPERKCPA Charles Perkins CPA

But, still, I don't know who quit today!

Update (13 OCT 11:34). Apparently the latest refunders are:
(e)POD101          (13 OCT)
(e)TMAGEE         (12 OCT)

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