Thursday, September 29, 2011

Easy Eaves - Watch Youtube Clips, Score on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube (Tripple Points)

Triple post using YouTube settings that broadcast your likes and favorites to twitter and facebook.

Select Settings from the menu(upper right hand corner by your name)
Select Sharing.
Connect the facebook and twitter accounts in the Connected Accounts column.
Ensure that Like a Video and Favorite a Video are checked.
Click the Save Changes button.

Now when a video os favorite d or liked it will be announced on twitter and facebook.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes We Have No Bananas!

(e)ZULU Answers to FAQ

  1.  There are no plans to issue new shares of (e)ZULU.
  2.  (e)ZULU shares are only available for purchase  when someone sells, or when someone mistakingly doesn't buy all the available shares because of a bug in user-interface reporting while attempting to buy. Zero to several hundred shares trade daily.
  3. See the article*  Why I haven't "Upgraded" for a discussion of why new shares aren't issued as a matter of course.
*Still incomplete because I just don't understand why it's that important;  Shares is a gimmick, I prefer real interaction on Google+, flickr, twitter, and even facebook to spending so much time gaming for the sake of a higher score--probably because I'm not running a business(there big numbers might be valuable.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Buying the Last Shares

Yesterday, I had some sellers.  When buyers came in, they was trouble purchasing the remaining 59 shares or so.  Buyers reported receiving the error that no shares were available.

There is a bug, please be aware of the following:

If you can't get all the shares requested , the games reports that  all shares are sold. Go to Stats and verify the number of  available shares.  It there are some shares, then enter that number as the amount to purchase.

Empire Avenue: Buying When Apparently There Are No Shares

Buying When Apparently There Are No Shares Left...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yahoo! This Blog is now Official!

Important Tip: Don't Overdo Twitter or Facebook

Many players spend an inordinate amount of time on twitter or facebook posting hundreds of of times to one or both a day.  Yet, those same players have no or nearly no activity on the other nets: YouTube, blogs,  Empire Avenue.  There are also a few who post to Empire Avenue only.  To have decent earnings, it's much easier to post a lot less, but on more networks.

Ideally post to five networks a day.  Make at least five to eight posts on each.  Be careful about posting more. Maybe spread the posts out during the day, if you want to post a lot.  Too much could  be interpreted as spam, especially on a blog.

My experience is that making five posts to each of five networks will give earnings good enough tat one does not have to campaign for buyers. There will be buyers and the stock will be up most days.

EAv Verification


Friday, September 23, 2011

I am currently working on an article about my thoughts on issuing shares of stock.  It is incomplete, and a work in progress.  Essentially, I think of shares as a way a company can raise funds, if funds are needed  If funds are not needed, there is no point in issuing shares; but there are many reasons not to.

This is me

That is me, Louis Frayser.

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