Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes We Have No Bananas!

(e)ZULU Answers to FAQ

  1.  There are no plans to issue new shares of (e)ZULU.
  2.  (e)ZULU shares are only available for purchase  when someone sells, or when someone mistakingly doesn't buy all the available shares because of a bug in user-interface reporting while attempting to buy. Zero to several hundred shares trade daily.
  3. See the article*  Why I haven't "Upgraded" for a discussion of why new shares aren't issued as a matter of course.
*Still incomplete because I just don't understand why it's that important;  Shares is a gimmick, I prefer real interaction on Google+, flickr, twitter, and even facebook to spending so much time gaming for the sake of a higher score--probably because I'm not running a business(there big numbers might be valuable.)


  1. Hi Louis, this is Kitty Hawk/ Tom Woods on EA, that's messed up

    1. Hey Tom. This game will take over your life if you let it. I guess that's okay for those in the social media business.

  2. Hi louis - thanks for buying - it would be nice to reciprocate, though. I do understand your reasoning......this is a game and it can take over your life :)) Have a great week!

  3. I appreciate your perspective. The game for me is simply a tool to curate content providers, to engage them outside of the game, on the internet, & finally in the flesh.

  4. Hi Jam-B! Thanks for your comment. I have met some good people via Empire Avenue. It is a good tool for monitoring my activity on the various networks, but it was even better when I 1st started a year and a half ago. I think the many interface changes have broken things the EAv isn't capable of repairing.