Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sell Your Sliders

Lately, on Empire Avenue, I've seen a lot of people lose dividends, share price and even the will to stay in the game.  I think it stared with EAv cutting divs, maybe they even cut points awarded for certain activities.

This is my best assessment of the current situations: Many people had their stocks sold as a result of their divs dropping. This caused most everyone to lose net worth and earnings, as portfolios became devalued.  Until people sold the sliders in their portfolios, they  also became sliders.

There are too many sliding issues to keep them all without being a slider yourself. 
I suggest selling all issues that have dropped over 2-1/2% from their peak and are still dropping in value more than what their dividends compensate for.

I sold all but 5 shares in my sliders. As soon as they gained 0.5e, I started to buy them back if they were still good buys otherwise. Some of the issues I sold are still loosing value fast because they have yet to fix their portfolios.

There is no direct link between the portfolio and the share price; but if the portfolio slumps too much  there just isn't as much eaves to play with, and the holder of the portfolio is just getting poorer (net worth-wise.)

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