Saturday, October 8, 2011

Duck and Cover

Empire Avenue has been killing dividends for many of my best holdings.  I have had to sell as their prices are falling precipitously.  It would be okay if it were one or two; but many issues are falling fast.  So many sliders causes my net worth to drop, fast.

I left 5 shares of those I sold in my portfolio so I can  come back for these once they stop dropping.  I restrained from selling a few issues whose daily drop was less than their daily dividend.  For the rest, I have an alert so that I can buy them as soon as they change direction and rise +0.50 eaves.

My own dividends have recently dropped from 1.03 to about .71.   Many of my shares have been (and continue to be ) sold; but at least there are sufficiently many  who are waiting to buy those shares as they are sold.  There are only  40,000 shares (e)ZULU shares total.

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