Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I was once paying more than 1.0e per share in dividends

I did an experiment about a week ago.  I was around .86 eaves and decided to find out how much work was needed to get to 1.0.  I double my activiies and got to 1.03e/share divs.

At about the same time, EAv changed their algorighms and mande it totally not woth my while.  They adjusted my divs down by about 30%  Earnings went from 225e to 185e for the same amount of work that got me to 1.0e/share.

Now I'm back to my normal activity which now only pays .80 eaves/share, 5e less than before.

Of course, this affects ROI.  I was once past 1.30.

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