Friday, October 14, 2011

The Scheme of Things

I have discovered that it's the connection score that make the difference in EAv success, and that score depends on the number of contacts you have on a particular net. For instance in twitter having thousands of followers gets you a higher connection score than having just a couple hundred.

In the case below the player with the higher dividends has a significantly higher connection score for twitter, because there are close to 80,000 followers.

Div .60
EAv TwitterFacebookYouTubeBlog
score424029 11?
# posts162416 15 12

350 Followers on Twitter

Div .78
EAv TwitterFacebookYouTubeFB Page
score146824 4423
# posts8364 3 4

79,143 followers on Twitter

In another case, not shown,  a player had  2,035 friends on facebook!  The high number of friends allows for good dividends via a good facebook connection score.

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