Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just another down day on Empire Avenue

Everyone, just about, is down today.  I'm down. My portfolio has 82% of its issues down.

I have no proven strategy for raising my share price today.  I've done all the selling of sliders and reinvesting of quitters that I could.

I have already sold all but 2 under performers.  Those 2 have dividends greater than their daily slide in share price.  I'm just not sure if those div numbers are eaves/day or per week.  All the refunds I got yesterday were reinvested. 

Selling shares is the only sure way I know of getting the price up today.  That requires for someone to sell a lot of shares, then for some new buyer to step in and take those shares.  Or, I could offer new shares; but that's a whole other can of worms.

Maybe increasing my net worth will impact my share price.  I will invest yesterday's earnings.  If I am still not positive, I'll start selling the break-even sliders for hot issues that are making money today.

Update (10:00, today).  Well, I've sold off one slider and invested in 3 fast growers.  This has increased my net worth by about 30,000e; but there is still no change in my share price.

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